Vacvator Road Show

Perth Road Show.

We Are Coming To Perth and Would Like To Meet With You to Discuss Our Aussie Built Vac Trucks!

Con Alvanos

General Manager

Dominic Hallam

Sales Manager

This is a great opportunity to meet with us in person and get all your questions answered.

Hi there.

Dominic and Con here from Vacvator Australia.

From September 19th to the 22nd of September 2022 we will be in Perth delivering a new Vac Truck and have reserved some time to meet potential clients.

We would be happy to show you our range of Australian Built Vacuum Trucks and welcome the opportunity to show you the distinct benefits you gain when buying from Vacvator.

Superior quality, amazing service and exceptional performance with green, safe technology.

The most reliable hydro vacuum excavation trucks are made in Australia by Vacvator.
Our vac truck customers demand faster start-up times, low running costs, not having to deal with blockages, longer service intervals, ease of service, and simplicity of operation..