Compact & High Performance

Our vac units are designed to be compact and simple to maintain, with effective innovation around airflow increasing performance and efficiency.

high performance

Compact and simple to maintain

Other than our semi-trailer units, all Vacvator truck mounted units are designed around the truck as the primary source of power to run the vacuum unit, the truck’s gearbox is utilised to drive the vacuum pump via a split shaft unit.

Vacvator TMC76-245B

Compact Design

 The main benefits in this approach:

As the vacuum unit does not require an additional engine as a power source, the result is a substantially shortened wheel base of up to 2m which is normally required to house the separate engine/blower configuration. The shorter wheel base is a benefit, providing superior manoeuvrability.

Reduction in weight – the compact design means that an additional axle is not required to compensate for the extra weight of the separate drive engine. The extra axle and engine configuration further increase’s the tare weight of the truck and therefore the gross payload.

Servicing time and cost – the simplification of utilising the truck engine to drive the vacuum unit means that there is only one point of service. This reduces time each day for pre-starts and substantially reduces time and cost for servicing. It also increases the reliability of the unit due to the reduction of moving parts. The compact nature of the unit has an added benefit of reduced tyre wear and on-road associated costs.

The unit is designed to mount directly on the chassis. The benefit is that when the tank is loaded the centre of gravity is lower making the load more stable, this increases the overall safety of operation both when driving and tipping the load.

Performance & Efficiency

Perhaps one of the greatest productivity benefits Vacvator have is in the effective design and innovation around the airflow. The combination of filter design, cyclones and the smart interaction between the major components means that the blower capacity is utilised to its maximum. The resultant effect is a very efficient use of power allowing the unit to perform at a high level, the design also means that blockages in most cases, never happen.

The benefits to the operator are substantial; less time unblocking obstructions, more up time, efficient/effective operation and the ability to suck over longer distances and greater depths.

The benefit to the fleet owner is quicker turnaround time on site which reduces cost and/or gives them a point of difference over their competitors. This has been a major selling point for Vacvator over the years, coupled with the other built in benefits and after sales service have all led to repeat orders from our existing customers.   

We can help you select the right model!

At Vacvator we build units from 3,000ltrs to 18000ltrs. We have Non-Destructive Digging (NDD), Jetting/NDD combo, Dry Vac/NDD combo units available for our customers to select from. Our industry experts are here to help you select the right model for your application.

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