Vacvator Hydro excvation trucks are made in Australia

Uses for Vacuum Excavation Trucks

At Vacvator we pride ourselves on our green design – having the quietest vac equipment on the market and one of the cleanest medium duty truck models in Australia.

Water, Waste Water & Sewer Utilities

  • Locate & pothole underground services
  • Water main repairs – remove water from the excavation and expose damaged pipe
  • Clean debris from around hydrants, valve’s and meters
  • Clean out sumps and culverts
  • Excavate lead-ins from the main to the house for water and sewer services
  • Clean out manholes and jet sewer lines
  • Clean sewer and water treatment plants
  • Septic tank cleaning
  • Porta-loo clean up
  • Clean and maintain storm drains and sumps

Electrical Infrastructure

  • Exposing/locating underground services prior to excavation
  • Potholing for soil testing and thermal resistivity
  • Clean debris from inside ducts
  • Suck proving mandrel through conduits and rope conduits
  • Clean out pits and manholes
  • Pit and manhole removal
  • Bulk excavate around congested services
  • Remove ground water from excavation
  • Safe power pole installation
  • Safe way to pothole services in transformer yards and remove ballast

Civil Excavation Contractors

  • Pothole/locate utility services prior to excavation
  • Remove water from trenches
  • Clean out piers/footings prior to the concrete pour
  • Excavate new service lines
  • Bulk trenching around service congestion
  • Clean up excess concrete

HDD Contractors

  • Locate/pothole utilities prior to drilling
  • Drilling fluid disposal
  • Clean out recycling bins
  • Remove water from conduits and pits


  • Exposing/locating underground services
  • Clean out pits and manholes
  • Suck debris out of conduits
  • Suck proving mandrel and rope conduits
  • Pit and manhole removal

    Hire Companies

    • Utility contractors
    • Civil contractors
    • Plumbers
    • Landscape contractors – safe method to transplant trees, mulch and gravel removal
    • Fencing contractors
    • Homeowner’s
    • Home maintenance contractors
    • Emergency services
    • Gutter cleaning
    • Clean out roof space


      • Potholing utilities in and around roadways prior to asset relocations
      • Clean road surface after concrete and asphalt cutting
      • Culvert/drainage clean out
      • Clean and maintain storm drains
      • Safe Road sign installation
      • Clean cattle grids in rural areas

        Mine Sites & Crushing Plants

        • Machinery/conveyor clean-up of wet and dry material
        • Pothole/locate underground service prior to construction
        • Clean up around weighing/scale areas
        • Clean up accidental spillage/dumping


        • Potholing underground services
        • General site cleaning
        • Tank and storage facility clean out
        • Control and clean accidental spillage/dumping

        Emergency Uses (Fire/Storm Damage)

        • Clean up interior and exterior of structures after a fire
        • Flood clean up – interior and exterior
        • Road spills
        • Accident site clean up
        • Clean up after cyclone
        • COVID-19 bulk sanitisation of exteriors

        Other Uses

        • Excavate under buildings and houses
        • Car wash pit clean out
        • Grease-trap clean out
        • Parking lot clean up and degreasing
        • Clean out golf-course sand traps
        • Clean up food processing plants
        • Vineyards – vats and bins
        • Clean out animal stalls
        • Industrial fan and filter cleaning
        • Gas station rehab – underground services, tank removal
        • Contaminated material removal

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