Vacvator Hydro excvation trucks are made in Australia

Technologically Advanced

At Vacvator we pride ourselves on our green design – having the quietest vac equipment on the market and one of the cleanest medium duty truck models in Australia.

Our philosophy at Vacvator has always been to understand what our customers need and combine this with the best available technology on the market.

Vacvator uses the CAN Bus system


Vacvator have long recognised that noise is one of the biggest concerns for vacuum truck owners given their predominant working environment is in urban areas.

In-house design & manufacture means that Vacvator have full control of the end product.

The design team use:

  • ‘Inventor CAD’ software to design our trucks in 3D and Finite Element Analysis
  • ‘TruckScience’ to ensure the load distribution of the unit on the truck complies with the legal RMS requirements

Having control of the design enables Vacvator to undertake research and development to create new concepts, turn innovation into new products in a timely manner and customise trucks for our customers.

In-house design and manufacturing coupled with our incident control management system means that we have full control of the quality and consistency of the parts and product we produce.

We can change or modify on the run and update our designs to suit, this also benefits our production when we build units on spec. Our manufacturing team have the skills to manufacture one-offs if required and work in with our design team to follow up if we decide to put the concept into production.

CAN Bus Technology

Three years ago, Vacvator enhanced our trucks by introducing Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) technology. The system has a number of functions, the first thing the operator experiences is a seamless start-up procedure which not only simplifies the process for the operator but also protects the drive components due to the ‘check process’ the unit runs through. This process ensures all components are aligned to engage and all safety systems are working.

The system can be programmed to engage with numerous functions on the unit; the scales are linked to the CAN Bus system on the truck, they are a standard safety function Vacvator has built in and will stop vacuum pump once the truck is at its legal road weight limit. This protects the operator from being fined for overweight, protects the truck owner from potential liability and more importantly limits any chance of road accidents from being overloaded and in doing so protects other road users.

Other functions include limiting water pressure to the required safe operating pressures set but the utility owners. The system can log engine and blower hours, temperatures, pressures, it can also be used by the operator to diagnose and trouble shoot issues on the truck such as the malfunction of the radio control unit, sensors, wiring and other built in components.

We can help you select the right model!

At Vacvator we have Non-Destructive Digging (NDD), Jetting/NDD combo, Dry Vac/NDD combo trucks available for our customers to select from. Our industry experts are here to help you select the right model and truck for your application.

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