3,000L Vac Units

Designed with the highest possible productivity in mind the TM30-160 vac unit is an extremely efficient and versatile unit suitable for most vacuum excavation tasks.

Vacvator Hydro excvation trucks are made in Australia
Vacvator 3,000L vac unit

The TM30-100 Vacuum Truck

The smaller truck size makes this unit easy to manoeuvre, whilst still maintaining the highly productive performance of larger Vacvator models.

Simple to operate and simple to maintain, the TM30-160 is an entry level, easy to operate, powerhouse unit ideal for tight jobs – the plumbers truck. It can be customised with a range of options.


All specifications are subject to change.

Key Features

Powerful suction

Highly efficient cyclone system 

3,000 litre spoil capacity

High volume and high pressure water – 32lpm @3600psi

Simple to operate and maintain

Australian made – full service and support

Fitted to a Hino FC1124 4×2 chassis

We can help you select the right model!

At Vacvator we build units from 3,000ltrs to 18000ltrs. We have Non-Destructive Digging (NDD), Jetting/NDD combo, Dry Vac/NDD combo units available for our customers to select from. Our industry experts are here to help you select the right model for your application.

Talk to our expert team.

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