The Most Reliable Vacuum Truck

Proudly Made in Australia

Jetter Combo Hydro Vacuum

Every single part we manufacture is guaranteed Australia wide for 3 years

high performance

Compact, efficient design

Australia wide service support

Up to $60,000pa reduced running costs from advanced technology

We can help you select the right vacuum truck

At Vacvator we have Non-Destructive Digging (NDD), Jetting/NDD combo, Dry Vac/NDD combo trucks available for our customers to select from. Our industry experts are here to help you select the right model and truck for your application.

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The most reliable hydro vacuum excavation trucks made in Australia.

Our vac truck customers demand faster start-up times, low running costs, not having to deal with blockages, longer service intervals, ease of service, and simplicity of operation.

At Vacvator we understand this. We make non destructive digging equipment that gives our customers the best chance at being the preferred hourly rate contractor on site.

Those who purchase vacuum trucks for their own use will benefit from an easy-to-operate, reliable vac truck that will enhance their business.

Vacvator trucks are Australian made using Aussie ingenuity to combine superior quality and exceptional performance with green, safe technology.

Why Our Customers Choose Vacvator


Up to $60,000 a year less to run


Australia wide, 3 year guarantee on every part we manufacture


Most reliable Aussie made excavation truck available


Safe design


Faster start-up


Ease of use


Lowest noise emissions




Guaranteed 1 hour response

Check out our new video showing the amazing TMC76-245BP Duo Dry in action

Vacvator is a privately-owned Australian manufacturer of vacuum trucks.

Established in 2006, Vacvator is now a leading supplier of high-quality vacuum trucks, dry vac and jetting trucks in Australia. Located in regional NSW, Vacvator prides itself on offering the best value-for-money systems for non-destructive digging by designing what the industry needs for a fast-growing competitive market.

Vacvator strives for continuous improvement by listening to feedback from our customers and researching the most up-to-date equipment to ensure we design the best vacuum trucks we can. The result is easy to use, quiet, safe, highly efficient and technologically advanced vacuum truck. Vacvator has vac trucks in operation after 14 years of use which is a testament to their long-term reliability and durability.

Our vacuum trucks are designed and manufactured at our facility in Goulburn NSW, fully assembled, tested, road compliant and ready to go to work.